Emeritus Chairman Message

In today’s fast evolving world, the most imperative task of an educationalist is to strengthen the foundation of the culture by webbing it with latest technology. On the footsteps of my father Late Shri Sukhbir Singh Jain, Founder Vidya Prakashan Mandir Limited, I visualised that education for the young Indian Citizen has to be the best and benchmarked on global standards. Vidya Knowledge Park is a dream realized in a 75 acre eco-friendly environment in sync with modern architecture and technologies to provide a learning environment and the ambient for the all-round development of all members of Vidya Privar. At Vidya Knowledge Park we intend to provide world class education right from primary school level to the highest professional and educational qualification.  We are committed to transform the young students to adopt to dynamics of global education.  We are accessible to all aspirants who are seeking excellence not only in the field of education but self-development and sports as well.

S.K Jain
Emeritus Chairman
Vidya Knowledge Park